Digital Transformation

The digital revolution has been underway since the mid 1990’s with the introduction of the PC and internet. This first phase of the digital revolution unleased a wave of innovation and business change in information technology from small to big business as the first wave of e-commerce was implemented.

The mobile revolution came next, which accelerated rapidly in the mid 2000’s with the introduction of smartphones and tablets. This unleashed another wave of change, this time impacting consumer behavior as well as businesses. More recently cloud technologies and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have unleashed another wave of change, along with e-commerce solutions expanding to offer a compelling mobile customer experience.

Yet more change is to come with rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Job Automation, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, 3D Printing, AR, VR, Internet of Things and Sensor environments, and real time global communications. These will change the nature of business and customer interaction even more radically than before.

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