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  • What is Interim Management ?
    Interim management is the short-term provision of executive talent for a limited period of time, based on the client’s needs.
  • What are the benefits of Interim Management ?
    An interim executive provides a high level of the required expertise, such as specific technical knowledge or management skills, as well as impartiality and perspective, enabling them to lead comprehensive change and deliver operational efficiencies and measurable ROI.
  • When is Interim Management the right solution ?
    Clients engage an interim executive when the need is immediate and the objective is to improve performance, provide leadership, implement change, or guide a turnaround. They bring the external know-how, objectivity, and crucial impetus needed for the client’s specific situation.
  • When are Interim Executives used ?
    Hiring an interim executive offers a timely, strategic leadership solution for businesses that are experiencing change.
  • How are Interim Executives different ?
    Executives who choose to focus on interim assignments differ from candidates for permanent roles. Generally they are distinguished by: Commitment: Their purpose is to achieve specific objectives and see the assignment through to its desired outcome. Objectivity: Being independent, they provide an honest and objective viewpoint, and are able to speak freely, with no agenda. Broader Experience: Background that includes a diversity of sectors and scenarios enables them to provide different perspectives. Leadership Ability: Interim executives provide a strategic and operational hands-on approach to initiate and drive change within the client’s organization.
  • In what roles can CXO Inc.'s executives be placed ?
    Interim management is rarely about gap filling; in fact, clients typically engage interim executives when there is pressure or a concentrated focus on delivering a desired outcome quickly. We focus on C-suite and senior executive roles in a range of functional disciplines including: Finance General Management / CEO Human Resources Technology / Digital Programme / Project Management Operations Supply Chain Sales and Marketing Investor Relations Risk / Compliance CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, COOs, supply chain directors, operations managers, HR, technology and digital transformation leaders are most in demand, as are experts in various change scenarios.
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