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Transformation and change are part of all businesses. How an organization responds to a change determines its future performance and success. Interim management enables businesses to effectively, flawlessly and actively manage these challenges and emerge stronger.

CXO Inc provides Interim CIO, CTO COO, CMO, CSO and CFO services to Fortune 1000 companies as well as Start-up Enterprises. Companies that require significant organizational transformation, risk mitigation, turnaround management or find it necessary to staff recently vacated positions leverage our services.


All our Executive Consultants have 18+ years of Leadership experience in both publicly and privately held companies. Our executive team consists of seasoned Business and Technology leaders with years of experience in Business Strategy, Technology Strategy, Outsourcing, and Scaling operations. Our consultants possess Functional and Industry expertise to help make significant and lasting improvements to our client’s organization.


Many of our seasoned veterans have recently held Senior Director, Vice President, or C-Level positions at Fortune 500 and Pre-IPO companies and also have experience helping companies prepare for their Initial Public Offering (IPO).


Our Interim CXO Services help drive a company’s growth through the efficient and effective use of Strategy, Innovation and Technology – and beyond.  In a world of warp-speed change, CXO Interim Executives help organizations reduce risk and seize opportunity.

CXO Inc. provides proven interim executives who can be engaged quickly, and are prepared to readily assume a leadership role. Our interim executives are judiciously selected, and possess a track record of delivering results, offering a number of advantages.

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